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What's involved in studying at


Our new academic year starts on the 20th September 2011 and includes 3 semesters per year of study. Each Bachelor Degree takes 4 academic years to complete.

Classes are held:

Monday to Friday mornings from
7.30 am to 11.45 am
Voluntary extra English and computer classes are available in the afternoons
From 2pm onwards

Cost per year

USD $350/year tuition only

USD $1250/year including accommodation and living costs

How to apply for a scholarship?

For tuition only scholarships you need to meet the below criteria:
  • Good academic record
  • 70% attendance
  • Do not have enough money to fund your own study
  • Students must be a role model student and good example to others
  • Students must complete required community service each semester
  • Students must be working towards completing a Bachelors Degree
  • Completion of secondary education or equivalent work experience
Note UniED provides both partial and full tuition scholarships depending on each individuals financial situation.

For a full scholarship that includes living costs you need to meet the criteria above and maintain:
  • 80% attendance
  • A record of daily service to the community
Please note a full scholarship of $1250 includes food, accommodation, tuition, reimbursement of books and stationery and a trip home once a year.

How to apply to UniED?

To apply to study with UniED you need to complete an admission form, which you can download below and email to unied@corde.org.kh or get from our receptionist at our campus in Battambang Town. 

(UniED Admission Form)

Once your admission form has been recieved and approved you may then request a scholarship application