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How has UniED evolved?

Stamford College was established in 1991 by Dr. Lee Lee Loh Ludher, a Malaysian, and recognized by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Kingdom of Cambodia in 1995, with the objective to contribute towards Cambodia's material and social progress through building individual and institutional capacity. Its training program was designed to assist students to grow from strength to strength, gaining in confidence and in the ability to contribute to the social and material transformation of the nation.

In 1997, Stamford College moved to Battambang to contribute towards the development in that region. While it functioned mainly as a language center, Stamford College through the content of its courses and role modeling of its staff imbued in its students a dedication to contribute to the community's development.

After five years of active involvement in the growth and development in Battambang, Dr. Lee Lee Loh Ludher, the President of the Board of Directors of Stamford College was convinced that Stamford College could provide a coherent framework for development to collaborate with the population and organizations working in the region. It was then decided to offer higher level courses to build individual and institutional capacity in Battambang with the objective that specific populations of Battambang can learn about their own path of development. The learning can then be applied to the development of the rest of Cambodia especially semi-urban and rural areas. Thus efforts began in early 2002 to reengineer Stamford into a university for education and development. It has been renamed as the University for Education and Development (UniED).

UniED Today

UniED was established as a not-for-profit Learning Organization for Education and Development. It has an International Advisory Board of experienced development practitioners and scholars and qualified international staff, dedicated to engaging in the social and material advancement of Cambodia .

UniED has institutional relations with a growing number of universities and learning organizations around the world including:

  • Nur University (Bolivia)
  • University for Rural Development (Colombia)
  • FUNDAEC (Colombia)
  • New Era Development Institute (India)
  • Wilmette College (USA)

UniED has recieved visiting lecturers from:

  • University Malaya (Malaysia)
  • University of Queensland (Australia)
  • Melbourne University (Australia)
  • University of Monash (Australia)
  • Institute for Advancement of Civilization (Taiwan) 
  • University of Chittagong (Bangladesh)

UniED also regularly recieves visitors and volunteers in the areas of health, education and management from Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines, Australia, USA, Japan, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

UniED's Song

Like a lotus, we arise above ourselves to serve the community,
Imbued with knowledge and spirituality, we strive to develop our community,
The purity and beauty of the lotus inspire us to bring the beauty to life of others,
To sow the seeds of wisdom and knowledge in the pure soil of the hearts and allow the flowers of wisdom spring from their hearts,
It is our wish and desire that each one of us may be a source of goodness unto all, And an example of uprightness to humankind.


University for Education and Development has developed us,
That we may prefer our community above ourselves,
University for Education and Development has inspired us,
That we dedicate ourselves for the transformation of our community,
UniED, UniED, together with the community, we owe much to thee.