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How we educate 

UniED stresses practicum as well as knowledge acquisition. It sees those who enroll as active participants of a learning process rather than passive students waiting to be taught. It prepares participants to take charge of their own learning and determine their own paths of progress. It believes beyond training and delivery of knowledge is the engagement of the participants in the application of knowledge for the purpose of transforming their community through dynamic research and community projects within the context of the local knowledge i.e. respecting its culture and traditions and taking into consideration the local ecological, cultural spiritual and political lives of the local inhabitants.

The learning processes practiced in UniED hope to transform these local practices to improve the well-being of the entire population. We collaborate with government and non-governmental organizations to offer social spaces for the students to practice what they learn. It will be setting up a kindergarten with international curriculums to enable our students to practice their learning so that they can set up similar quality kindergartens in their own villages. We train our students in community banking so that they can assist their fellow villages to set up self-help financial agencies. We get students to create and maintain organic farms so they can practice and test the agricultural practices they are learning about in the classroom and model these practices in their home communities.