Cambodian Organization for Research, Development and Education (CORDE)

“Promoting the transformation of individuals, institutions and communities in determining their own path of development and the generation, application and dissemination of knowledge based on the principle of nobility of humankind”

CORDE (Cambodian Organization for Research, Development and Education), is a not for profit, non political, non-governmental organization based in Battambang, north-west of Cambodia. Since its registration in 1994, CORDE has been educating youths for a life of service to the community and promoting community well-being. Its ‘education for development’ program focuses on the transformation of individuals, institutions and communities to take ownership and determine their community’s path of development.

CORDE regards youths as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value and education can help village youths to become ‘Promoters of Community Well-being’. CORDE believes that all youths can participate in community building based on the fundamental principle of unity and service. CORDE builds spiritual, material and social capacity of youths and trains youths to tutor fellow youths to acquire literacy, community service and scientific, technological, mathematical capabilities. With these capabilities, the youths help fellow villagers to carry out environmental, health and sustainable agriculture projects.

Currently hundreds of CORDE youth volunteers provide supplementary education to 3490 children and junior youths in more than 186 locations throughout remote communities in Cambodia. These youths run these programs in their homes, under the trees or spaces that the community provides to CORDE. Youths are also trained to collaborate with the community to start schools where there is no school.

Wherever possible, CORDE in collaboration with the community build Centers of Learning (CCL) for the community. These CCLs are run by participants who have benefited from CORDE’s educational programs. Generation after generation of CORDE youths take ownership of CORDE’s ‘education for development’ program and voluntarily run them for other youths thus ensuring its sustainability.

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