Organization Structure

“CORDE places great emphasis on ensuring good governance practices are adheared to by being accountable to a board of six directors.”

How CORDE is governed and structured

CORDE is managed by a board of six directors with Dr Lee Lee Loh Ludher serving as the Chair of the Board and Mr. Hou Sopheap serving as its Executive Director.

CORDE’s head office is in Battambang Town, which is where the administrative teams for ComED and UniED are based. CORDE has 30 full time staff, approximately 20 part time staff and more than 180 volunteers spread across its programs

At the ground level CORDE has established Centers of Learning, which each have a director running CORDE’s education programs with the help of volunteer teachers. In communities where CORDE is running its education programs without a Centre of Learning, the programs and classes are run by volunteers and coordinated by ComED’s administrative team.

CORDE’s University of Education and Development (UniED) is also located at the central office in Battambang town. This allows CORDE volunteers to further their study via scholarship to UniED. UniED also has satellite campuses in CORDE Centres of Learning to provide rural communities with tertiary education.

Legal Status

CORDE has achieved legal status by initially registering itself with the Ministry of Social Welfare and Community Development of Cambodia in 1994 as a local NGO. In 1995 it was the first local NGO to be registered with the Ministry of Health. In the year 2000 CORDE re-registered with the Ministry of Interior under new Cambodian Government legislation.

Meet the faces of CORDE