English Literacy Program

A practical, hands on and values enriched learning curriculum for children.”

English literacy education for remote Cambodia

CORDE’s curriculum for English Literacy is based on the Total Physical Response (TPR) model meaning every concept is taught using an object, action, story and picture. This makes learning a fun and interactive experience and ensures children engage and comprehend each lesson. CORDE understands the need for children to learn a language that can be used to communicate universally, as it provides a gateway to higher education and creates further opportunities in entering the workforce.

Children begin our ELP program from about the age of 5 and complete it at approximately 12 years of age depending on what age they started. Upon completing CORDE’s ELP program children are expected to move on to CORDE’s Youth Empowerment Program, which caters for students aged 12-15.

CORDE initiated the Engish Literacy Program (ELP) in 1994 and has used it to educate thousands of children fast and effectively, providing them with the mechanics of English. ELP is a curriculum that not only improves children’s literacy but encourages children to reflect on their values and behaviour.

Using moral concepts to teach English

CORDE place a strong emphasis on underpinning their education curricula with moral values and important themes pertaining to their student’s moral and intellectual development and growth. It is in the earlier years that human beings form their character, so it is important that schools lay great emphasis on moral education. Children understand in a very concrete and practical way. That is why we use real life situations, relevant stories and songs to inculcate in the students the concepts that are being introduced. We encourage students to form a strong set of morally grounding principles they can reflect on when faced with difficult life decisions.