“Dedicated to providing community education across rural Cambodia. Encouraging students to reinvest their education back into their own communities to achieve sustainable change.”

CORDE – empowering Cambodian communities through education


To transform Cambodia into a creative, productive and confident society through individual transformation.


Promoting the transformation of individuals, institutions and communities in determining their own path of development through the generation, application and dissemination of knowledge based on the principle of nobility of humankind.


The Cambodian Organization for Research, Development and Education (CORDE) was initiated in 1994 as a private, non-profit, and non-political voluntary development organization to facilitate the social transformation of communities in Cambodia through education. To improve the quality of life for individuals, families and communities, CORDE enhances individual capacities and capabilities by engaging communities in determining their own path of development.

CORDE currently provides education in English literacy and moral development to more than 2500 students in over 186 locations across Cambodia and is continually identifying communities in need to expand its operations. Below is data captured up until the end of 2009.

CORDE also offers its students the opportunity to attend its University of Education and Development who offer degrees in:

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A snap shot of CORDE’s plans for the future 2009-2013

  • To provide a full time formal kindergarten curriculum in all CCL’s by 2013.
  • To equip all CCL’s with computers and Internet access under a project that will be called eRural.
  • To build and resource 3 new CCL’s every year.
  • To develop UniED courses in Primary Health Care and Agribusiness by 2013.
  • To provide UniED’s tertiary courses in all CCL’s, operating as satellite campuses that give Cambodians in the countryside who cannot afford to travel to the cities to further their education the opportunity to access tertiary study.