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Setting the scene - development in


The Royal Kingdom of Cambodia has embarked on its path of development with determination and enthusiasm. Many governments and developmental organizations have contributed to this fast growth. As the task ahead is colossal, more participants are needed. To ensure sustainability, the local population of each region has a vital role in determining and participating in its own paths of progress.

Currently development in Cambodia is very much driven by the conviction that economic activities are central to human well-being. Economic planning thus takes center-stage in Cambodia's development strategy.

Rural and urban development  - interdependant?

Battambang is a vital center of the country, however it is yet to gain a significant share of the development efforts. The creation of wealth and its equitable distribution are indispensable to integral development. By 'integral development' we mean building the necessary capacity of individuals, institutions and communities for effective participation in developing the social prosperity of the nation. The development of the rural is vital to the wholesome development of the urban and just as important is the development of the urban for the complete development of the rural.

How does UniED contribute to Cambodia's development?

Having the main campus of UniED in Battambang supports the current efforts of the Cambodian Government to initiate administrative reforms of regional and local governance. With trained development personnel, the commune administration will be enhanced and effective.

Central to the conceptual framework of integral development is involvement of the local population in learning about their paths of development. It is based on the recognition of the nobility of human being and the respect for human honour. Thus the population of a region is honoured and empowered to set the direction of its own development.

UniED would like to offer itself as a space for learning and engaging Cambodians in the generation and application of knowledge of integral development to create a materially and socially progressive community.