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We encourage life-long learning

UniED attempts to break-away from certain patterns currently practiced by academic institutions. First it gives opportunities for tertiary education to those who normally may not gain admittance to such institutions of higher learning. It sees itself as an open university encouraging incremental life-long learning. It recognizes experiences as equivalent to formal education qualification.

UniED recognizes that rural people have difficulties completing Year 12 largely due to poverty and lack of proper facilities and not due to lack of intelligence or capacity. Because of poverty, many students especially girls, are pulled out of school to assist in domestic or farm work and thus unable to complete their education. UniED has introduced foundation courses to enhance the capabilities of those who have not completed Year 12. When they are able to achieve the equivalent level, they are allowed to start their first year of tertiary study.

In future, it is our hope that these foundation courses can be provided in collaboration with NGOs, so that more people in remote areas have an opportunity to continue their education. For the last four years, UniED has worked closely with the Cambodian Organisation for Research, Development and Education's (CORDE) community school and development team to train their tutorial teachers and Centre of Learning directors in order to offer quality education to Cambodian children and adolescents in rural areas.