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What can you study at UniED?


Bachelor of Education

Our education degree is designed to equip students with the educational curricula for pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary level schools. UniED's education alternative aspires to foster creative and disciplined learning which will cultivate the nobility of the human being. It aims to build scientific, artistic, technical, social and moral capabilities in the students, enabling them to pursue a twofold purpose of education for personal and social development. Students will also learn and practice the skills required to manage rural schools.


Bachelor of Human Resource Management

UniED's Human Resource Management Degree trains professionals in moral leadership and selfless service. It aims to discover the hidden talents and human potentials of its students and nurture them into contributors to the prosperity of the nation. These human resource development professionals will in turn mentor others to generate both material and social wealth for the nation.


Bachelor of Community Development

This degree teaches and explores strategies for mobilising the human and environmental resources within a community to improve its local economy, productivity, sustainability and quality of life for the residents. The students set out to systematically discover the culture, traditions,economy, spiritual and political knowledge of a community. By integrating these local practices with newly acquired knowledge, the students can develop their communities through dynamic research and hands community organised projects. The learning processes at UniED hope to improve communities local practices for the well-being and prosperity of its residents.

(Detailed course list of our bachelor programme)


Masters Degree in Development

Our Masters in Development Program is ideal for those individuals who work or wish to work with organizations engaged in education and development. Its primary purpose is to engage students in local research and produce new findings on effective development practices in Cambodia. This programs contribution is invaluable, as it teaches the students scientific research and at the same time gives the world a body of knowledge about Cambodia from the perspective of local Cambodians.

(Detailed course list of our masters programme)