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Contributing new resources and

insights to the global development


To supplement the body of knowledge about Cambodia, UniED aims to systematize existing knowledge and generate new knowledge. All our final year students engage in local research and thesis writing to help build this body of knowledge. Its contribution is significant as it teaches the students scientific research and at the same time gives the world a body of knowledge about Cambodia from the perspective of local Cambodians.

By the creation of human resources at the University, it aims to enhance individual and institutional capacity of the local population to be true protagonists of the development in the region in specific and the country as a whole.

UniED works with its international faculty to incorporate the results of systematic learning into programs of formal and informal education. This body of well documented knowledge will provide decision making bodies with insights and enlightened perspective for better regional and local development.

UniED offer the services of our international faculty for research and consultancy and share its learning and experience with a wider community in Cambodia.